Don’t expect it to go smoothly.Don’t expect it will be easy.Don’t expect that you can handle it.Don’t expect you can do it alone.Don’t expect for more.Instead, pray for what you’re planning on, pray for a wise decision, pray for help, pray for guidance, pray God will make a way. Pray first.His ways are perfect. (Psalm 18:30)Though it may involve pain, joy always comes in the morning.  (Psalm 30:5)Expectations kill, but faith gives life.I once had a beautiful picture of how I wanted my life to be, but sometimes, the frustration comes because I can’t handle the responsibility, the depression sinks in because I’m making my body, my relationships, my ministry, all my blessings—a god. I make a god out of my fear, doubts, expectations by magnifying it, meditating on it, dwelling on it, remorsing over it, feeding it, when instead I should be feeding my faith.I know, it’s not easy to shift thoughts, shift perspectives, leave the pain entirely, but I know I need to move on or else it will kill my faith.I can’t stay down. I have to get back up. I can’t let discontent burn bridges that connect me to the people that love and care for me, whether in a subtle or disciplined way, because God placed them there for a reason. There’s no reason for me to stay hurt, mistreated or broken, because life goes on, and the uncertainty of it, makes way for surprises, makes way for more challenges, makes me hold on to a Savior even more. Makes my life colorful, makes me whole, makes me live with a purpose. My purpose is not for myself to be happy, my purpose is to live and give love, my life comes from God, my life is short, my life is meaningful when I choose to give a part of myself to others because only in giving will I gain more. Only by faith, I can gain more of what this life God has in store for me. There’s no potluck at the end of the rainbow, but there is a God waiting at the end of your earthly life to give you that eternal rest.Have faith, it’s not over yet, you’re breathing! Praise God because you still have your purpose. He is giving you another chance to live better. Wake up and stay faithful to Him. He’s got your back and He has more in store for you!


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