Why doesn’t a person get satisfied with life even the abundance of blessings he/she gets?

Why do people especially those who are close to us, hurt us?

Why can a person get a bit bi-polar at times when asked about their personal struggles?

They say it’s okay, when really it’s not.

Maybe, we just need someone to really understand us. We ask a couple of dinner dates, lunch dates, anything with our favorite food, movies or places, just to be able to relate our sorrows, our joy, our piece of being to other people, but why is it so hard to relate to you?

Maybe, we’re too caught up with our own lives, that we forget about you. Truly, we forget to whom our lives belong to. 

Why do we forget what we love the most, and look to the things that need to be done? Why do we keep working at being good every single day, when you are the only thing that is ever really good in all God’s creation?

Why so you long to be close to us everyday, when we are so busy with a lot of things. 

Why is it we grow tired, we become weary, and turn away from you, but you come back to us every morning? Every nightfall?

God, there’s nothing we can’t do, but stick to you. That’s the only thing that will be left of us as we go through everyday. You first love us, you never left us, if that’s the only thing that’s left, so let it be so, because we have all in all. Greater than what we previously got. 


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