There is Joy in Struggle

There is Joy in Struggle

To be happy and to struggle are two opposite descriptions of life, but to combine them together makes one beautiful purpose.

I remember the last time I jumped into the seawater despite of my mom telling me not to go because of the strong current. Out of stubbornness, I drank a lot of seawater that day and even held onto the hairy legs of a complete adult stranger. (HAHA) That was just some of my struggles as a child.

Do you know the moments I anticipate as a child? It was my two favorite days of the year: Christmas and my birthday (GRINS) because of the gifts I would receive. (Silly little me.)

As we grow older, we start accumulating problems in the process because we realize how imperfect our world is, and we start to compare. Even when we call ourselves Christians living not of this world, we are still a part of it. We live in it, it is simply impossible to isolate ourselves with the world.

Jesus came to the world as a baby and experienced what it was like growing up simply and even got bullied. The interesting part of His life is, He dedicated himself to the Father’s work for humanity even at such a young age, He spoke to ministers at the temple when He was 12 and moving forward, He taught a huge crowd, feed the five thousand, healed the blind and lame and drove out demons. He was even tempted in the wilderness, but the only time I really heard of him struggling was when He prayed to God in Gethsemane as He was about to drink the cup of God’s wrath which was supposedly on us!

What does this situation tell us Christians? “Happily share in God’s work for more people to be saved, and pray hard if your are struggling.”

Let’s face it, we’re not perfect, we struggle in a lot of things, it’s like drinking a lot of seawater — drowning. But what do we do to swim back to shore, when the world is just to loud and pulling us down? Cling to Jesus. He knows exactly what you should do. 

Find out about Him as much as you can, and that way, you will find joy, and that’s something long lasting.

Jeremiah 23:13 says “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

 Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in the Lordand he will give you your heart’s desires.”

“Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God. Remember that nothing is certain in this life.” Ecclesiastes 7:14

The good and bad happen to all those who follow and don’t follow Christ. That’s just life, but it’s not something to be bitter about. We can be happy for a moment and then sad the next day because we focus too much on solving our problems when we should be focusing on God, so He’d give us wisdom to solve our problems. A problem is placed there, so we couldn’t find out God’s best future plan for us. That’s the joy of believing a God who gives us surprise blessings!

Our problems are like Mathematics, when we have the right formula or process to solve them, we get a high score, but if we use the wrong formula or even sit idle or pass on the question, we lose our chance to get a high score.

Don’t lose sight of God’s blessings, which are the fruit of his promises. Don’t lose it and become bitter, don’t take pride in the things you do. Always stick to God’s plan and you will be blessed beyond measure. Just remember to share those blessings. 🙂





Enduring Pain and Depression

Enduring Pain and Depression

We go through different stages of pain that sometimes we tend to shut down ourselves.

But what you’re feeling today, doesn’t amount to what Christ felt while carrying the cross from Golgotha to Calvary, and the mockery and whipping before that.

And imagine Him being spat on, yet Christ didn’t say a word against them, He didn’t even complain once. He endured it to the end. It was the Father’s will for Him. He did it so you and I would be saved.

Someone or a lack of something might have brought you to the lowest point in your life, but know that it is not God’s punishment toward you.

You’ve done good, yet you feel a great lack; deep inside you feel empty, but you are actually full of adversities that make your strength fail.  Know that familiar feeling? You need to surrender that to Him.

Bury your worries, complaints, fears, discontent and self-assurance to the ground and step out in faith. That is what Jesus wants you to do first. Pain is always there especially if you want to grow in the Lord.

The Lord was judged without cause, beaten and nailed to the cross, so that He could carry out the Father’s will, and that is to save us from our sins.

Even as Christ was suffering, He never stopped showing love even to his executors, and to those whom he healed before, who even turned against Him.

That may be your pain, when people have turned their back against you, when you have been through so much that you can’t help it, but shut down and wallow up in discontent — get depressed.

Depression isn’t a feeling, its a decision of shutting down or responding to bad and even to good things.

If it’s a decision to shutdown, its opposite would be to begin again. When you begin again, struggles will continue, but you don’t have to live your old life or your old way of doing things. Embrace the new. The new life God has given you. Living in His purpose, choosing to walk in His ways, gives you light in every dark situation whether past, present or future.

Would you want to experience fullness of joy that never runs dry?

Have a relationship with Him. A real one. Don’t get discouraged with relationships you have, because it is far different from having a relationship with Christ. Open your heart and read His Word. Find your purpose in Him, pray that you may start that habit, get help from those whom you know will guide you to Him.

Will you decide to turn your life around and seek the light of Jesus?

“But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says,

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:13-14