Loving Traditions Vs. Loving God

Loving Traditions Vs. Loving God

Traditions are like habits; routines that we love to do or have been programmed with since birth.

What if our tradition doesn’t go as planned? Will we grumble? Complain? Speculate what went wrong or play the blame game?

God said, “Love one another”, it was the second greatest commandment after loving Him above all things with all our mind, heart, soul and strength.

Christmas day is a passing tradition, and so are all other occasions. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not against Christmas or any other family tradition) It’s just the obligation to celebrate and give gifts kick in, and we tend to forget the real meaning of Christmas. Frankly, Christmas is not only spending time with family or loved ones, it’s about thanking God for sending His son, Jesus, who died for our sins; exchanging all our sins, with the life of His only son, Jesus, because He loved us first.

What greater love is there than the Father who would lay down His only son for us?

Christmas isn’t just for our loved ones, it is also for those who are left out in society, individuals needing love, and even those whom we need to forgive. You know that you can’t give thanks to God if your heart is heavy. Forgiving someone is doing yourself a favor. Without forgiveness, you can never have peace.

Want to bring Christmas outside of December 25th? Love one another just as God has commanded you. For if you love God, you love His commandments. If you want to love God, love others heartily, not because you will receive their praise, because you were told to, you are obligated to do so, or because it is a tradition, but for the reason you want to do it heartily unto the Lord.

Merry Christmas everyone!