Real Love

Real Love

Real love is wherever He goes.

Sometimes we get so comfortable in our own routine, over culture and we bring it wherever we go, but take note, it doesn’t apply to others.

They say love is cheesy, conceited, erotic and all those labels the world describes it today.

But real love is far from girl to boy relationships, love for one’s country or for one’s family. It is by the love of CHRIST that we are made whole. He fixes every broken heart and fills any void we feel.

Amidst difficulties, He makes us remember how powerful and amazing His love is.

We may be used to people surrounding us; we get our energy from them, we give our commitment to them or to a cause or group, but when the time comes when they or we have to leave, we feel like we are left with nothing when actually we have more – A love that has always been there even as we didn’t recognize it at first. A love that is always forgiving. Faithful even when we are not, even when we slip; we were never alone. Jesus listens, cares and speaks to you. He is real love. He casts down your burdens and lifts you up. He empowers you so you can empower others. He has done wonders in your life in ways you can’t imagine or explain and He will continue to do so. All He is asking is be faithful to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. 😊